Creative Movement is offered to all children at First Impressions. Creative movement taps the creative energies of each child and helps them to acquire the skills to move and dance in ways that fill them with a special sense of accomplishment and pride. Children are encouraged to express their own ideas with their own degree of skill and at their own rate of speed - originality is encouraged. Creative Movement emphasizes the process of creating. Recorded music, poetry, songs, percussion instruments, and props are incorporated into sessions.

Through Creative Movement children explore:

  • MOVEMENT - concepts of space, time, and dynamic energy
  • SPACE - direction level, path, range, body shape, body parts
  • TIME - rhythmic and metrical beat, accent, measure, and phrasing
  • ENERGY - sustained, percussive, swinging, vibratory

We are pleased to be challenging our children in creative expressions! Creative Movement is offered to the children each week and it is a learning time, which they anticipate with great joy! A specially trained instructor teaches Creative Movement at First Impressions. Creative Movement is included in our curriculum and there is no additional charge for this program.